Selection rectangle doesn't select Frames

Testet with 2021.3.2.

hmm…but your screenshot shows that it actually does that. when a frame shows its config bar at the bottom, it is selected.

note though: as soon as also a node is in the selection, the frame is omitted again, assuming that more likely you’d rather only move nodes. but by pressing SPACE you can still force the frame to be included in the selection with nodes.

It is selected after I press ctrl+A. It is not immediatly selected after finishing the selection via mouse, contrary to the IO-Box that’s inside the frame.

I’d argue that if a user completely surrounds something with the rectangle everything inside should be selected.

The space shortcurt isn’t very intuitive (and also not documented).

Oh, I was always missing that SPACE hotkey / was hoping for frames to finally be included in rectangle selections …

I agree, I’d make this behaviour the default and rather have some obscure hotkey like Space only select nodes

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