Selecting a Splicer or Accumulator and pressing Del doesn't work

Right-Click -> Edit -> Delete
does though

thanks, tracked

hei bjoern, i cannot reproduce this here. can you give more detailed instructions on how to see this problem?

  1. Create a region.
  2. Create accumulator by connecting something to the accumulator bar.
  3. Select accumulator via left-click.
  4. Press Del
  5. It is not deleted

Selecting the accumulator and using right-click menu > edit > delete works though.

i do exactly that and it works as expected. with both DEL and Backspace keys. are you with b35.8?


can’t confirm… please try on another machine, or describe in even more detail all steps that you do starting from a plain vvvv patch.

Deletion works, problem is you have to click that magic label box next to it, clicking the splicer/accumulator directly doesn’t select it.
And you also don’t get visual feedback for selected state.

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so can we rephrase the issue as: it is not clear how to select the splicer/accumulator without a name and the same would apply to pads without a name and it would probably help to see the empty text field on hover…

Well, right-clicking the splicer/accumulator directly, does select it, no need to click the label next to it.
So I think it should also work when left-clicking it directly (and not drawing a connection). Or make right-clicking also only work when clicking the label. Either way is ok, it just should be consistent and comprehensible - like Johannes said currently there is no visual feedback for the selected state.
If the label is going to be the “interactive part” of course it needs have better visibility too.

Adressing what’s interactive/selectable (and how):
I consider not having the splicer/accumulator-icons interactive themselves very counter-intuitive.
Yes, left clicking starts a link … but still it could be shown as selected at the same time.
Del cancels link and deletes splicer/accumulator. Not very elegant, but works.

Addressing visual feedback:
Erratic behaviour is not limited to splicer/accumulator though, same is visible for generic inputs/outputs and pads (Text label is always highlighted, not only when selected). All of those icons should i.e. have a thin border around them. Darker fill color like IOBoxes may be too subtle for small icons.

i’m marking this thread as fixed as latest alphas now have a hover indicator on pads, pins, splicers, accumulators and comments that should indicate where to click. let’s see how that feels…

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