Select Node Upon Creation

I’d like to suggest/wish for the following:

-Automatically select node upon creation.

I find that I tend to duplicate nodes frequently and it would be nice to be able to perform CTRL-D allot faster by having the node selected when it is created. Currently upon the node’s creation, you must select it perform a duplication.

Some considerations if the wish is granted:

  1. If an inspektor exists, it must also reflect the selected node. A natural effect of the selection, but just in case.

  2. Copy/paste will also be possible since the node is in select-mode.

And thats it. Hope that this can make it in a future release.


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good point. done for beta>21

Is it possible that this wish didn’t make it (completely) in the .22 release?

In fact, when you duplicate a node, the new one IS selected, BUT the Inspektor still seems to point to the old node.

So when you ctrl-D, and then edit Description for instance, you suppose you are editing the newly created node, but afterwards you see that you edited the original node! This is not very intuitive and kind of annoying.

right, seems i didn’t test that case. fixed for beta>22