Select (ByPath) to warn if a property is not found

Hey there,

Select (ByPath) is becoming my new best friend, but if I’m refactoring an app, it does not let me know that the Path it’s looking for can’t be found anymore.

Would be cool if it warned me that it’s not able to find it!


I have implemented it by creating a Path Not Found property, which is a Channel<Boolean> that I use with a Warn (Reactive) node. Seems to work well here!

Here’s the patch if wanna take a look and discuss whether such a behavior could ship with the regular node :)

SelectByPathWarn.vl (30.0 KB)


edit seems to also warn if supplying a Path to a property that is of a different type than the one of the output, which is a side effect i was not anticipating but quite cool :)

edit2 if I’m changing the name of a property in my record without updating the Path input, I have to recompile for it to be flagged as not found