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Hello the world!
I made a cube out of Box (Geometry) using a Croos (3D). I need to distort only boxes on one outer face of this big cube but cannot figure how to. Can anybody help me finding the “key node” to do that (I’m dumb with maths but want to improve myself…)

Thanx everybody and praise the Great Sawteeth!


hm, do you mean like this?

cubedistortion.v4p (17.2 kB)

Yeah man, that’s it! Thanx a lot diki, I’m studying it maybe I’ll have questions… ;)


or do you want to grad just one side of each cube? then you have to use a x file (created in maya for example) with different materials on each face,
as described.

have a look at this:
XFile HowTo (Tutorial)

edit: oh, too late. but maybe someone else will need it one time.

No phl, diki gave what I missed. But your suggestion sounds interesting… unfortunately the first link seems to be broken or incorrect.