Segment in DX11 with angular texture mapping

I would like to achieve the kind of angular mapping of a texure onto a Segment in DX11 in the same way that Segment (DX9) behaves, like depicted in the image below. How would I do that? Thanks.


Just put polar texture fx after gradient

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I do have one more issue with this technique. I needed exactly what is provided by the ‘Repeats’ pin. Unfortunately, anti aliasing doesn’t seem to work. Is there a way to make it work? Cheers (5.4 KB)


not much you can do but higher up res over here

fxaa will blur the edges a little bit, but you will also loose some fine detail in the rest of the picture.

Thanks for the FXAA tip, this helps a bit. However, I’m trying to get this right by drawing multiple Segments instead and use the ‘Cycles’ pin to change their angles. Now I’m not getting the transformation for the texture right. I want it to be scaled exactly as large as the angle of the segment spreads out. Is there a quick way to maybe implement this in the shader? (4.6 KB)

sorry have no clue what you are trying to do…


This might be a better way to visualise what I was trying to achieve (the texture should scale exactly as large as the segment spreads out). I found another solution for my problem, so please don’t mind if it’s not realised quickly and easily.

anthokios’ way is the easiest imo, since you save a lot of geometry. you have to use point sampling to avoid interpolation on the texture and then use a combination of scale X on the quad and rotating the fullscreen quad after polar coordinates to get your desired effect.

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