Seelenlose Automaten / Space and camera. Q+A

I’ve seen mr.Benedikt’s seelenlose automaten. And Asked him a question about space and camera.
Here is the question and his answer.
(i’ve translated everything in english. sorry for mistakes)

Me: " …in your animation “camera” moves inside a big sphere, right?
I’m learning vvvv and trying to recreate things, that i see in the net.
Now i’ve lost myself between these nodes: Sphere (DX9), Sphere (EX9.Geometry), Render (EX9), Render (GDI), GouraudDirectional (EX9.Effect), Group.
I cannot figure out how you’ve created so nice space for your animation…"

Mr. Benedikt: “…yeah, everything is inside a big sphere, i’ve made a demo-patch for you. Hope everything will be clear. All the best…”

Here is the patch.

Thank you once again mr.Benedikt!


in_der_kugel+cam_ani.v4p (10.9 kB)