Second screen

hi, guys.

I am a rookie in vvvv. I try to run a patch in portatil windows, and view the render in external window, but the render not run in external windows.

I configure windows with extended desktop.

Help me, please I don’t understand the problem.


Hola Jordi
what do you mean with the render doesn t run? Is the crack.exe all ok?

could it be that your external head does not support directx hardware acceleration? otherwise i think we’d need a little more info…

Ive had this problem sometimes. This helped for me, try for yourself:
Pull the renderer into the screen of your choice, save your patch. Restart your patch.

Thanks, … no text …

and, create a Renderer (TTY) and keep an eye on its content. there might be output like “cannot reset Device” or other statements that can be related to your issue…