Search path fluidsolver

Hello, i am using a old node called FluidSolver. Placed the StamFluid.dll and the help patch into lib/nodes/plugins. The nasty thing is it does not get recognized. Always have to start its help patch first. After that FluidSolver appears in the node browser. Same procedure on every restart of vvvv.
Something wrong with the search path in root patch or the .dll itself?
VG Armin

hei armin,

never! change the \lib directory.
always! consult the documentation on using addons when adding something. in your case find your answer under “contributions”.

hope that helps.

hi joreg,
that helps, it works. thank you. vg a

btw which is this fluid solver? I’ve never heard of it ir forgot it.


hmm that’s an all shader+vvvv solution that doesn’t have any stamfluid dll’s

At your service, sir