Search for a kitsch video posted in the forum

hello all,
I search for a stupid little video with a singer in an orange set, really kitsch saw in vvvv forums…
lyrics were like “lalalalalalaaaaaaalalala”, pretty funny…but I can’t find it…
it was posted in an example I guess…

I would have really loved to find it back ;)

stupid: check.
little video: check.
kitsch: hm
funny: check.

héhé not really kitsch compared to what I’m searching for ;)
a big mouth singer on a yellow and orange background…grr,can’t find it

Kitsch enough for you?
Sorry I was waiting for any opportunity to post this.

maybe you are looking for this?

yeeessss !!!
trop fort

@readme: thanx for sharing, makes me seriously addicted on soviet pop

had to have a deposit of interesting links on the site …