SDF Text Research

out if interest i tried creating a sdf letter based on valve’s idea, its kinda common in game engines for large text rendering. eg.

i tried following the instruction, create a distance tex based on a hi-res image of the letter/word, scaled it down to something like 64x64px and render this with a drawSDF shader. the distance tex looks smooth but the drawSDF has nasty edges. So i’m missing something here.

Anyone interested and has done it before ? I think it’s kinda cool technique. SDFglyph.v4p (15.8 KB)
(u need Fieldtrip, DX11) (3.4 KB)

not perfect but kinda working

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also worth noting:

you could use Xenko to generate the font texture and port their shader code:


my second post has already an adopted shader in it. concerning the distance texture generation, the vvvv node is fine for one letter but having a fully working system, it needs some atlas technique…which is another task. i‘ll look into xenkos solution, for sure. looks more sophisticated.

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