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Hi, i am moving an image on the horizontal axis using incoming serial data. Everything works fine but the image quality is bad. The image is a huge b/w scan with the resolution of 2000px x 175230px. The tiff is 654 MB and if i select it lo be load as texture it wound even show up. I converted it to png and this works but at a really bad quality. i have 2000px of height to be able to ad a zoom.

How can this be solved?

You have to split it on chunks I think 8192 or 16384 pixels is a limit on single image

Ok, thanks for your help. And how do I reassemble them? Do I have to use 20 quads? Or is there a different way?

Yea pretty much quads and linear spread…
Use Dir to get filenames from directory, put that in to the filetexture, connect that to quad, linear spread with count = amount of chunks, should got to transform.
Then you need to calculate aspect ratio, and offset between chunks…

I tried your suggestion but now i don’t see any image. I dont understand how many quads i will need. This is my patch so far. Could you please show me the right way. Thank you! (2.1 MB)

scroll (2.1 MB)

You need dx11 pack also, guess you can sort it on your own

Thank you so much. One more question. As i am slicing my image in 2048x2048 Pixels tiles. What is the best format to export. Is jpg the way to go?

.png is lossless and has relatively small, if you need fast loading, use .dds, but that has bigger file sizes.

@antokhio With the small pictures i used to test your patch everything works fantastic. Now i have 88 png images all with a size of 2048x2048 and nothing is showing up in the renderer.

Thank you for your notes in your patch but i don`t get it working!

Sounds like you ran out of memory. To be sure move some of the images out of the Dir so you have, say, 5 left in it. If it works with 5 it means you ran out of GPU memory at some stage.
I can’t think of the right approach to handle for this off the top of my head but you need to only load the images that need to be presented. If they’re all being presented until the user zooms in, you’ll need lower resolution versions too.

I think you’ll need something like a tile map.
Have a look here:

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