Screenshots / Keylogger

I have some questions:

I`d like to make 2 tasks/patches. I want to know if it is possible to do it with vvvv. (I´ve just started to work with vvvv, so I´m sorry for stupid questions - I just need some quick results - so I ask here while I´m trying myself). And I want to ask if somebody has some ready similar patches or screenshots of patches.

**1.**I would like to save scrennshots (of my screen) automatically - as picturefiles. Like every one second. I suppose i should use ScreenShot-node. But what do I use as input and so on? Any examples?

**2.**I would like to make a keylogger so I can save all the whole keyboard-input (letters, words). I suppose I should use Keyboard-node. But I don`t understand how do I work with input and output. Any examples?

**P.S.:**Im not spying anybody! I just need these functions for my art-project "selfcontrol". And I dont trust all these keylogger-proramms that I can download everywhere.

I hope, somebody can give me some advice.
Thank you!


these things are certainly possible with vvvv…

1. … but i don’t know of any examples right now ;)
you would probably use something similar to an LFO (Animation) to trigger the ‘Shoot’ pin on the Screenshot (EX9.Texture) and write the resulting texture to disc with a Writer (EX9.Texture) . i have no experience on this, so i can’t tell wether e.g. writing an uncompressed 1600x1200 image every second is feasible.

2. @hrovac made a nice keyboard module that might give you some starters.

Hello diki,

thanks for advice, i`ll try it out.


you are reminding me to something i patched ago.
maybe it comes useful. (118.4 kB)

Wow Kalle!

Thanks so much. It really works. The only thing - it doesnt detect all keyboard-activity. It seems I´m typing too fast. But anyway. I´ve spent the last nights trying check it out and my Project didnt work. So now I can learn from your patch.

Danke schön du hast mich wirklich gerettet!
Liebe Grüße. Juliett.

da werd’ ich ja rot…


you also could send

*automated email in case keys being logged…

*record microphone input to a file with SoundCapture