Screenshot a rect only?

did anyone play with the little screenshot writer i patched a while ago? there is this input pin on the screenshot node called mode:rectangle. i would like to shoot not the whole render window but just a defined rectangle out of it, height as the window but only 1/8 of its width or so. but the rectangle mode so far just outputs something quite funky.
any clues?
dank jannis
(i attached the module again i patched to screenshot)

Writer (EX9.Screenshot NRT).v4p (28.0 kB)

i know that it’s possible to shoot the screen and then use the texture transform to get a similar result…but it would be awesome to shoot a defined rect right away…

hey folks…
any ideas ??

note that the x/y/width/height pins only make sense for Mode.Rectangle. they are not used with the others like Mode.ClientAreaOfHandle.

also note that the window output coordinate system is different to the screenshot input coordinate system (shameonme).

hope the attached patch helps.

Writer modified.v4p (33.4 kB)

Screenshot dosent works as well on my ATI card as nvidia, nvidia is close to realtime ATI is slower than NRT !
Any ideas why that is, or does anyone else experience this?

By the attached is an slightly modified patch that saves you opening it up to use, and tells you if the named renderer has been found

Writer (EX9.Screenshot NRT).v4p (31.7 kB)