Screenshooting windows with the same handles

i’ve created a patch that can mix together 2 instances of winamp avs. the first time i used freeframe streaming plugin but that was slow and a bit limited. then i wanted to use the screenshot node but both avs windows have same handles so it can shoot only just one of them. is there a way capturing both windows with the same handles at the same time?

hey micro,

you mean the windows have the same title, right? they’d have a different handle, but vvvvs HWND (Windows) node does not return multiple handles for multiple windows with the same title. i am afraid i don’t see a way for you to fix that within vvvv. but you should be able to use other tools or even write a little tool that shows you the handles of the individual windows which you can then use in your patch.

yep that’ll be the case thanks for the help! i used a little utility found by google now it’s working.