Screen To World Position Stride

I’m trying to get the distance of between the mouse (or potentially touch) position over the Scene Window and an object in the scene using Stride.

I initially started using “mouse” and the proportion between the 0-1 position and the screen ratio, but of course that doesn’t really translate into world coordinates

I was considering using MouseRay and an invisible plane to detect the position with RayIntersect but it doesn’t seem the most efficient way: is there a reccommended way to do this?

Thanks a lot!


that converts 3d point to 2d camera view
3dTo2d.vl (15.5 KB)

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that is actually quite fast if you prefer to work like that. but projecting the mouse position yourself is fine too…

Thansk a lot for your replies!

that converts 3d point to 2d camera view
3dTo2d.vl (15.5 KB)

I am struggling to make this particular one work as it seems like the registered position is “scaled down” , but it’s a great place to start! Thanks a lot!
Also: is there a way I could’ve found these nodes without bothering everyone in the forum? Am I missing some documentations?
Thanks again a lot!