School project

hello guys,

Im not really familiar with this vvvv programm,unfortunately I have this project in the school, where I have to use kinect with vvvv.
So my idea is: if someone will pass through the kinect the “roller blinds” or rectangles, which are projected on the screen, they are going to swing open and you will see a photo in the background…I dont really know where to start. The idea is really so simple, but I dont how to create a patch for this…

I hope you can give me some advice…

Greetings from Switzerland



first, install the microsoft kinect sdk on your computer. Be sure to use the right version (1.7 i guess) and 32bit.
Then, take the Kinect (Microsoft) node and connect it to the Skeleton.
Connect the “Skeleton Count Pin” to a Switch. The Switch could now change the Rotation of a bunch of long-scaled quads. the Damper, connected between Switch and Rotation will help you to have a smooth “opening” of your blinds.
And of course, the picture as a file texture on the Quads.

Got the idea?
Best, Julez

hello julez

Thanks for your answer.
i did install the kinect and connected it to the skleton.
but now i dont know which “skeleton count pin” you mean. and i cant connect the switch to the damper. im sorry im just really not into this stuff:/


something like this should be a starting point:

blindsKinect.v4p (9.3 kB)

thnx so much julez! i appreciate your help…
Im now struggling with the background photo though, which node do I need, so the background photo will change automatically…so the next person will see an another picture…

thnx much

dir (file) and getslice

Hi Joey.
Crashcourse in a view small sentences:

Trust your own words in what you want to do next, then type it in the node list in vvvv (double click), most of the time a suitable node will appear, to know how it works, click F1 to open the helppatch. If it doesnt appear obviously type the thing you want to do in the VVVV page search bar, make sure to select ‘forum’ to search in, and just type your problem as you would do in google. 99% you will find the answer and even a patch that you can just execute directly after downloading.

Also take the video tutorials with a cup of tea

Also this is important
of spreads and slices

Have fun. Now you have the chance to become a powerfull vvvv patcher. It is a bit like jedi knights just without light sabers.