Scale Time (Slow Motion)

Hey guys!
I wanna add something like a slowmotion to my values.
I’m getting now real time values from my arduino and want to have the same values but attached to my cube in slow mo (half of the time). I already tried to lower the frame rate with main loop. but thats not gonna work out for the rest of my patch. So I thought doing something with Queue and a Get Slice. But not sure how to achieve that.

Does anyone have a suggestion?

You just want to damp them, try a linear filter, or damper, you want them to literally time stretch, so that after 5 mins, the values won’t appear until 10 mins later? Or I guess, if there are times when non values arrive, the stretch could reset?
You could right values to disk with a time stamp, and then get values from disk? I wouldn’t keep them in memory as you could run out, but I guess with 64bit, this might be ok for quite a while.

Hey catweasel thanks for you reply! The only thing with a damper or filter is that is not representing the excact values.
So for example if I use a damper and slide form 1 to zero and back up again quite fast, the damper will go just to 0.5 and back up again. But what I want its that the it is representing the excact movement of the slider (1 - 0 - 1) but in the double amount of time.

i think you have to look on recording values, todoSequencer prolly good way to start

how will you ever play all values? every second of playing back in half speed you will have to store one second of data. so after 5 minutes you need to hold the 5 minutes that have not been played… this will never finish. how are you planning to solve that?

Hey, I got something like a record button that takes 400 values into a buffer. So it would record and start to replay the collected data, but just in the half of the time. Does it make sense?

yes, that makes total sense. since we are in the phase of putting VL to a test, i’ve done some casual sunday afternoon VL patching and it worked out quite well. it needs a few refinements and then i’ll upload it here…

sounds good, thanks!

refinements done. it became a very efficient value recorder that can store values until your computer RAM is full and retrieve the values with any playback speed and interpolation. it also does a resample of the entire value buffer for display purposes in the background using the experimantal AsyncTask region:

also retrieving values for a given time does not slow down if you have a huge recording because it uses a binary search to get the keyframes.

basically it is the vl sequencer with some improvements and will be in the next alpha. meanwhile you can use it in the current beta with the files in this zip.

Value (71.6 KB)


Wow thats awesome! Thanks tonfilm.

@tonfilm this vl patch is a great learning ressource!

since it is async, will it run with vvvv-time when vvvv runs in increment mode?

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Only the calculation of the resampled display values is asyc, the time -> value output is synchronous.

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