Saving values

i have a stream of values that im recieving from one of my modules
and what i would like to do is to save those parameters at constant
time intervals,lets say every 2 there a simple way to do that?

saving to a file? or using in the patch every 2 seconds?

yeah saving to a file,its basically color values i want to use for print later

so: four possibilities…
(1) have a Queue collecting all your values, and then FormatValue, + (string spectral) and Writer, to write out the whole collection
(2) create a feedback loop with a switch which appends a new value at the end of a spread if the switch is activated for one frame
(3) write a batchfile which takes one command line parameter and appends that parameter to a file. use ShellExecute to call that batch file,
(4) wait for the next release which sports a nice “append” mode in the Writer node.

thanks a lot