Saving Values

Hello everybody!

I have a problem here. I think it can be solved quite easily, but I’m too unexperienced with vvvv.

There are three Videos playing back simultaneously. Now i want to switch between those Videos (left Mousebutton = 1st Video, middle Mousebutton = 2nd Video, right Mousebutton = 3rd Video).

Almost everything is clear for me (playing back Videos, sending them to the Renderer etc.).

My only problem is, I use a switch node to switch between the VideoTexture Files (of course 3 Inputs for 3 Videos).
But I need a solution to save the Value of the pressed Mousebutton, so that the Video File wont switch back again.

Does anyone know a solution for the Problem?

Thank you for your replies!

Sounds like you want multiflipflop.

MultiFliplfopMouse.v4p (2.6 kB)

TogEdge (Animation) and S+H (Animation). Also have a look at MultiFlipFlop (Animation) and set it with the inspektor to 3 inputs.

Thank you so much guys!

Exactly what I have been looking for!