Saving Tracking Settings?


Using FreeFrame-Color-Tracking is great fun - i’ve managed to open the dvd-drive by moving a tracked chocolate bar!

But when the patch has been saved and re-opened, all settings disappear, especially the color-information.

Is there any way to save the settings (for example to keep the patch tracking yellow objects) or do you have to “calibrate” the patch again every time you re-open it?

Thanks in advance,


i have no special experience with the ColorTracker but in normal case every upwards not connected pin and IObox keeps its setting with saving and reloading.

only exception known to me:
due to a wellknown bug IOBox (Enumerations) doesn’t remember its last setting

please don’t feel offended: i never experienced that behaviour so i assume a human error.
perhaps you accidentally pressed CTRL-R (revert to saved) or something like this???

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No, I’m not offended (and I like the expression “human error” ;-)).

I’ve retried it, and now I can describe more precisely what is happening:

All settings (in the inspector of ColorTracker) are saved, but the color of the tracked object is not saved. When I set the Tracker to follow a blue object it works, but when I save and re-open it, it isn’t set any more to “blue”; I have to set the tracker again to follow the blue object.

I hope it gets clearer now, what kind of problem i get using ColorTracker.

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hm… still not clear.
i tested here and it works as expected…

you say:
“All settings (in the inspector of ColorTracker) are saved, but the color of the tracked object is not saved.”

i open an empty patch. create a ColorTracker (FreeFrame DShow9) node and change its ‘Track Color’ pin to some red. i save the patch, reopen and inspekt the ‘Track Color’ pin. it is still red.

can you tell us in similar words what does not work for you?

hmmm, first of all sorry, it isn’t the ColorTracker, it is the CamShiftTracker that causes my problem - sorry!

Now here what happens:

I put a blue object under the Square in the middle(the ROI), push “init tracker”-button 1 (I have copied the 4-Button-Field from the help-patch), push it again and now the patch is tracking the blue object.

When I save and reload the patch, this “information” is lost and the blue object isn’t tracked any more - i have to place it again under the ROI, push button 1 twice.

My question is if there is a way to keep this information stored, so if I start the patch, the tracking of the blue object starts directly.

Sorry for the misleading information in my first two posts - now I hope it is clearer.

Thanks for your patience,


ok. now your problem is obvious.

and i am afraid i think there is no way to achieve what you want with the CamShiftTracker. the information that the tracker uses after initialisation is not reflected in a pin on its node and therefore cannot be saved.

Hmmm, okay; Thank you anyways