Saving to vvvv library

hi together,

what’s the trick to save a patch that it appears in the nodelist other than saving it to the modules folder? does it need to be a root-patch? i always keep the root empty and start building in a 1.v4p…

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there is no other way, but you can create subfolders inside the modules directory …


what i mean is that my patches (inside /vvvv/modules/dns/) dont show up in the popup lists when i create a new node and right click on it, or the other way around, when i type the name, it’s not accessable.

no problem to drag it from exploder…

loggin in and out…

wo is nur mein kopp schon wieder!?


ah ok … its a filename issue, you have to name your patches like a module with a category name in brackets e.g.: PatchName (MyPatches).v4p (you can create new categories).

there is a vvvvikipage Modules with detailed informations about naming conventions and other aspects of modules.

took me some hours btw.
i was (i am…) that kicked by the possibilty to make own nodes (modules) that i made several.


perhaps you want to have a look at kalle-Modules and all the subpages


also have look at User Modules
would be very fine when contribute yours!

i like to download every module to blow up my vvvv