Saving pointEditor mesh looses subsets for multi-texture..why?

Hello, i’m trying to do a projection in a box where the 3 sides covered by the projector beam has 3 different textures (that will be videos but let’s talk about textures for now i think it’s more or less the same)…
1) First of all i built my 3d object using google sketchup, used 3 different “fills” for the 3 sides i wanted to have a different texture, saved it as xfile
2) imported into vvvv and tried if by giving to the mesh a spread of textures they were appearing each on a different side of the box --> yes it’s all working fine
3) to make the 3d image match with the real world i used the pointEditor.
4) when i was satisfied with the deformation of the 3d image i saved the mesh with the Writer(EX9.Geometry XFile)
5) then i removed the pointEditor and loaded the deformed saved mesh with the XFile(EX9.Geometry Load) and all the subsets are now disappeared, i can’t use anymore a spread of textures on my box…the same texture is now applied to all the sides of the box

why is this happening? i tried to save the mesh as: text, binary, compressed but nothing changes…
how can i deform my mesh and save it without losing the subset data?

below i inserted an image with a brief overview of my problem…
hope you guys can help me again! thanks

i found a way to bypass the problem by projecting my videofile onto my mesh with the tex TexCoords attached to a DrawFixed…in this way the video spreads along all the faces of my deformed box.
It’s not really what i wanted to achieve so if anybody manage to solve the above problem i’d appreciate :)

hey guys please if you can help, tell me what i’m doing wrong and point me in the right direction…the above solution i tried does not work as i expected…
thanks anyway

ai crash,

the problem here is that vvvv has no way of writing meshes with subsets, they simply get lost as you observed.

you could instead work with a texture atlas uvmapping. so you have to apply texture coordinates to your mesh in a way that every face has their own on a big texture. and then provide one large texture that has your 3 textures on them in the respective places…not sure if this can be realized with sketchup though…

another way:

you could load the subsets separately into the pointeditor and save them to separate files.
since beta23 you can load a spread of xfiles…
simply put a spread of filenames into the xfile loader.

thanks kalle…i did a try by selecting a single subset via the getslice node but

  1. the pointEditor did not make me modify the single subset, he was not showing me the mesh of that “piece” of 3d object
  2. i tried to select the single subset and then passed it to a writer(x.file) but he did not save the single subset but the entire original mesh in the .x file (why?)
    by the way i’m looking forward to use uv maps to solve my “problem” i think it’s the easier and more correct way to proceed…

i really forgot you have to do some more effort and i made a module to “GetSubSets”…

helpfile already has some saving functionality ;)

where in italy are you?
i’m close to genova…

GetSubset (EX9.Geometry Mesh).zip (5.9 kB)

Thanks really much kalle, i came accross that module some days ago (i think u talked about it in another post) but i did not realize its functionality…now everything is clear :)
by the way i think it would be more correct to map my 3d objects using uv mapping in the 3d software (blender in this case) but i’m getting some issues also with that…i know i’m a problem machine

if you know something about blender and exporting xfiles have a look at my new thread

i’m on the other side of italy i live near venice! are you italian or are you in italy working for iO?

i don’t know nothing about blender etcetera. usually some other people are doing this for me… anyway you are right better doing this in 3d software.

also i always try solve things within vvvv.

i’m a german in italy, but iO don’t exist anymore.
you seem to know them?

i have partially solved the problem, i will post a video with the correct procedure to follow for blender…

Some days ago i had a look at your profile and i was fascinated by their works…i was amazed by all the projects you have in your profile!
u’re german…are you coming to node10??

crash, are you on skype?
my skypename:vvvv4444

Hi Crash,

I’m new to vvvv, and I’ve read your posts with a lot of interest because I’m currently experiencing the same problems as you did ?
I really do like the way you explain things (I bet you must be a very good teacher)and I was just wondering if you could just highlight me a bunch of best practices to get projection on boxes up and running properly ?

Thanks forward,