Saving io box values to another io box


At every bang I need to save the current value of an IO Box to a slice of another IO Box and at every bang it should write this value to the next slice, because I need to work with the collected values.

How can I do that?

try Queue (Spreads)

Alright that sounds good. Right now every slice shows the value from the upper IOBox. How can I save the value and jump to the next slice?

or RingBuffer (Spreads) and FUN.

instead of the LFO -> TogEdge you can use the Change of the LFO directly. and you need to increase the spreadcount of the Queue to the number of slices you want to store and make sure the IOBox is not set to ColsRowsPages.

thanks for the hint with the lfo change. There is still the problem that it’s not storing the value. It continues counting and at the bang when it should store it starts from 0 again.

There is a counter (animation) node, so you can hook that up every time you get a new value, so you can keep on increasing the queue as you go along.

Also, you need to trigger the queue every time you want to store a value, a bang will do just fine for that.

BUT, we do prefer you to upload patches and NOT screenshots, because now we are just guessing on how to help you :)

thanks for all your help, it works just fine right now!

Also have a look at Store and Buffer nodes.