SaveAs... on first save of auto generated files (callmenames)

Please display a SaveAs dialog on first save for auto generated files instead of automatically saving it to Documents\vvvv\gamma-preview\Sketches.

this was a lengthy discussion, as you might know, we are allergic to pop-up dialogs that break your workflow by requesting an important decision from you, that you might not want to make in that very moment.

we think it doesn’t hurt at all to store docs into sketches by default, especially beginners who doodle around are covered and they find their sketch in the “Recent Sketches” menu entry the next time they start vvvv gamma.

why do you prefer a file dialog pop-up to a deliberate CTRL+SHIFT+S? when you notice the auto-save and you don’t like it, you can press the above shortcut a second later. we think that’s the less intrusive way of doing things. but of course, give us your thought and arguments.


Because every other program works that way (even vvvv beta) - when saving a new document, on first save you are asked for a location.


first, it’s not every other software, and even if so, it is not an argument for why it is better than our suggested workflow.

the most modern workflow is one that doesn’t even requires you to save manually. some months ago, i used a video editor for example, which never concerns you with any of that, first you might be unsure because you are used to that kind of thinking, but i was impressed that it just did everything for me and it felt more like a web page. later, when your project gets serious, you have all tools to name things, move them around and make it a proper project. but before, when prototyping, why should you be bothered?

also think of web pages, your last session just gets restored when you are back. all your work is saved automatically and the next time you open the page, everything is as you left it. the web is the area of UX that made the most progress in recent years, so let’s rather look at that than 20 year old software.

Well the software I am using then.

  • Sublime Text
  • Libre Office
  • Everything Adobe
  • MS VS
  • yEd
    Just to name a few.

As long as vvvv is running locally I don’t think the browser/a web page is a valid comparison.
I for one want to choose where my files reside and not have a software or some programmer decide what’s best. Once I have chosen the software can autosave away I am not keen on pressing ctrl+s all the time either .

not speaking about data here, only UX. however, it might become a setting, then you can change it to the behavior that you like. so far we are waiting for more feedback on that, especially from beginners.

I was pleasantly surprised at this feature.

I think it will help new users, and I genuinely regularly suffer from the break in workflow Tebjan describes, being asked to commit to a save of something when may not even know what is yet

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How does it help (new users) to have some arbitrarily named files like callmenames-2019-04-05_05, callmenames-2019-04-04_04 somewhere on their HD?

it helps because next time they start vvvv they can go to “Recent Sketches” and find their work, without ever having thought about where they’d collect their patches, because we chose a good default for them.
but obviously this is a classic case for a setting a la “on-first-saving-of-a-document-ask-for-location” that you can enable if you prefer so.

But surely you can have a list of recent sketches, without them being in a specific folder?

so far we didn’t want to mess with the registry to list arbitrary recent files. but we have some ideas in that direction.

Can’t you have a prefs.txt file that includes that list?

@bjoern since preview 177 this is now a setting you can enable, if you like. download here:

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yes, something like that could be an option, we’ll talk about it.

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