Save TTY renderer lines into text file

Hi everybody,

I try to make a log file for my patch by using a TTY write nodes linked to a TTY renderer.
But when I try to save all the informations displayed by the TTY renderer into a text file it’s not working well.
I just used a change node and the string output of the renderer connected to the writer node. But It’s seems to be to fast for the writer node…
So I tryed to make a buffer but without success as it was also based on a change node linked to the string output of the tty renderer.

Thanks by advance for you help.

check the logfile node, i think it is what you are looking for.

i just realized, that it doesn`t log lines from writeln, strange…

but you can write custom messages directly in the logfile via writer with its append == true

Thanks both of you for your help,

I tryed several stuff with this logfile node but without success. I didn’t succeed to write custom message? Sebl, could you explain a bit more how you did that ?

first, you specify a logfile, then you can write custom strings into that file with a Writer (File). note to set the append to 1, so that it adds your string to the end of the file.

i remember problems specifying certain logfiles… i think, you can only specify the location, but its name is autogenerated. so i decided to always write my custom strings into the youngest file in my (specified) log-directory.

hope that helps … if it doesn’t, you might post your log-file-patch here

Thanks sebl for your tips,

I think I get your method works.
But I also find the reason of my first problem, it’s not the writer node which is too slow, but it’s just the output of the tty renderer which is not spreadable and only return one line when two entries are set in the same time.

I dont know if this is a bug or not… But I made a patch (attached) to explain the problem and discuss about your solution too. (8.7 kB)

hm, i think that’s because the tty-renderer is not chained to the mainloop - so it can write several lines in one frame, but its string output only gives you the last message when you request it (when your frame is calculated)

so, i think thats a nice feature-request:

queue all tty-messages and give a spread of all lines on its string Output

please, thanks and cheers



Ok so :
Thanks by advance to vvvvdevs

    1. sebl is right. TTY renderer string output drops lines.

I just change the statut of this thread… I think we can consider this as a bug as the StringOutput pin seems to be useless with this problem…

it now outputs a spread of strings since the last evaluation. note that this means not necessarily all messages in this frame, because the tty output can be evaluated at any point during the frame. so you got all messages since the last evaluation, but none are dropped anymore.