Save the action!

HI everybody! Simple question about saving the output:

It is possible to save what I’m sendind to the Renderer (EX9) as an AVI file? Or to save the EX9 OUT?
thanks! Nic

look for the different Writer nodes.
Other possibility is using FRAPS

or try the writer to avi or texture node.

Here’s what I did.
Renderer (EX9)'s EX9 Pin into DX9Texture Node and this into
Writer (EX9 Texture AVI)'s Texture pin
With an IoBox String into it’s Filename Pin to choose where you want to save it.

Be aware, this can only make Uncompressed video files that will be pretty big.

also note the docs: faq rendering#how to capture the output of a renderer

youhuuuu guys lots of options!

Seem that for live capturing fraps is the best, and when I have to create some video I’ll use the Writer (EX9.Texture NRT)

I’ll try all the options before tag this as solved, thank you all

mainloop , frame counter, write (as png)

thats my workaround to get a good render in 1080p without loosing anything, but it really depends on your content. The avi file that you will get from the writer node can give you some problems depending on your software edition. ( AE for example )