Save issue occurs again in beta31?

Hi, vvvv users!
I’ve got something odd using vvvv.
I knew vvvv sometimes makes temp files ~.xml. right?
but I saw another type of temp file. it ends ~tempX.v4p. X is sequencial number.

My patch has some layers. main patch has some subpatch, some subpatch have some sub-subpatch. …
when I save main patch(top patch of layers), main patch doesn’t saved.
just vvvv makes main patch name~tempX.v4p file.
it is very inconvenient for me.
I want to save main patch file, not to make another temp file.

I searched in forum. but this issue seems fixed in 2011.
but why occurs to me? I’m using vvvv45beta31_x86.
perhaps do you know how to solve this?

related forum I found :