Save Image to 1-bit format Binary File


as already discussed on Element I am trying to convert Images to 1-bit Binary files to use later on in Arduino enviroment to Print them.

With the glorious help of @tgd the Bitwise operations are working.

To improve performance, as the texture will not constantly change and printing is not that realtime :) I tried to do it in a process with cache regions. But I am stuck at the moment, as it is only working once (at startup eg) in a while. I think it has to do with the cache region. But without it its a waste of resources.
What am I doing wrong? Can Pipet even be in a Cache Region? How about the other TextureFXs like Grayscale and Resize?
Is there a better way? I know there is the option of a not constantly updating Pipet, but i am not changing any other input then texture.

My current Patch:
ImageToByte.vl (59.7 KB)

ComposeBytes by @tgd:
ComposeBytes.vl (46.1 KB)

using VL.OpenCV it could look something like this: ImageToByte-OpenCV.vl (9.7 KB)

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Thank you a lot @joreg . This is defintly a cleaner, faster and more satisfying way to do it!
Included the bitshifting again and do a conversion from texture before, cause i needed some texture effects. Works perfectly!