Save huge screenprints


I’m working a lots with screenprints (renderer clear = 0). Now I want to save these images in high resolution (50000 x 50000px) and that isen’t possible with the normal writer (ex9.texture) because the backbuffer size is limited to 8192x8192. under normal cases I would use the writer (ex9.texture.grid) to avoid that problem, but with clear=0 that doesn’t work. I can imagine i can solve this with reprinting each time intersect the grid i wana save as image. but that would bring a lot overhead in my current patch structures because i use a lot modulating sources (lfos, lots of perlin and random stuff …).

so my many question is whether the is another option to archive the goal or not, maybe something that’s so easy that it doesn’t come in my mind??

The only workaround i see is to split your renderer somehow like seen in the writer (ex9.texture.grid) but use as many renderers(with clear=0) as your final size asks…

yes, the MultiScreen module will help you like that:

multi renderer.v4p (13.3 kB)

but… keep in mind, that 50000x50000 is a huge pixel amount. more than 1000 times the pixels of a full hd image, therefore it will be a 1000 times slower…

jup much thanks - desaxismundi already has send me a nice patch with a nice solution. speed is no problem - wana make prints - have time :)

looking forward to see your results on billboards everywhere…:)

Wow… I was stuck in the 8192 limit… So using ex9.texture.grid there is no limit for the screen size? But no antialiasing, right? I have the same problem since I’m making some very large screenshots for a project but I can’t make screenshots as large as I wish…

@lan - yeah no antialiasing, but thats no problem just render it 4 times larger and scale it down in photoshop (has the same effect as 4x antialiasing) - thats the point why I need it in that high resolution. so best way is to go with the patch tonfilm posted.