Save/don't save? effect changes when closing patch

Doesn’t seem to exist but would be nice in order to not lose work by mistake.

helo byon,

not sure what you mean. when you have an edited and not saved effect in a patch and try to close or save the patch, vvvv will first ask you if you want to save that effect, before closing or saving the patch. this way it should be provided that you do not accidentaly lose your work, right?

I’m pretty sure I didn’t get that dialog when closing a patch, I have also experienced problems with saved patches being incomplete with beta19 though so maybe something bigger is acting up. I don’t have internet at home atm but I’ll doublecheck and report back as soon as I have vvvv/internet at the same place.

Ok, I’ve done some testing and the behavior is inconsistent - with some patches it works and with others not. Same result in beta 16/17/19/19.1

I’m about to post plasmods.fx and plasmoids help.v4p in the shader thread, the patch/effect combo is one of those that I don’t get the “save changes?” in.