"Save all" also saves root patch

and all the open patches in it causing opening them double when opening v4p files. in alpha 35.9 at least but I experienced it in earlier versions too, also caused us a commercial mayhem once. aaanyhow it would awesome if the code taking care of it would check if a patch it’s about to save during “save all” is root or not and not saving it when it’s root. Or just have it as a separate “Save all including root” button if you want to keep that FAR AWAY from the hypothetically fixed “Save all” (*excluding root) button to avoid misclicks. thanks in advance!

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jep! +

+1 recognized same behaviour in beta 35.8

so are you saying this is a behavior that has changed? if so from which to which version?

unfortunately I don’t have the time to track it down because my full time job is not developing and maintaining the vvvv software and its delphi core :P

well, this is just an offer for anyone to help prioritize the issue. more info about an issue prioritizes it higher… otherwise it is one of many we’ll eventually look at.

sole input of more outside info is a pretty bad metric for prioritizing your own issues. just saying.

but if this needs to be:
the “save-all” and the “has-changed-make-star-in-title” and the “ask-for-saving” has been a big topic especially just prior node, I am sure you’ll find plenty with the forum search.
among the 34 alphas there were bountiful changes, all were introduced to fight insuffientyl solved needs (mostly related to git-powered collaboration on patches), but caused weird side issues, so a lot of users were involved.

I surmise what @microdee mentions is just another one of those side-effects. And yes, there are more (like when you Alt+3 a sub-sub-patch, it will open after full reload even when punching the new save-all).

There is something broken, all in all. Create an empty patch, create any module node, don’t do anything and just Save all, using either leaf menu or Ctrl Alt S and you’ll be prompted with

The file cannot be saved as it is marked as readonly! Use Save as.. instead.

edit: referred to the module.

And this happens in alpha, but also 35.8. With all due respect, this is not a desirable behavior.

related: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/window-layout-is-not-saved

Using 35.8 x64 I’m having the same issues as described here …
Save All won’t save anything on my Dev Machine as it’s being interfered with by a dialog that claims FullscreenQuad DX9 was changed as is readonly - which it wasn’t … as a result nothing is saved.

On the production machine the Save All doesn’t try to save said FullscreenQuad, but the vvvv root was saved and the next time I started up the application, it was launched twice.

Edit: Looking at my git status, SaveAll also changed a whole couple of other modules inside the vvvv directory, which I had to reset myself again.

In order to clean up a window layout I have to go through all these steps for every single window I don’t want to be popping up anymore:

  1. Focus patch I want to hide
  2. Open Parent (ctrl+^)
  3. Go back to Subpatch I want to hide
  4. Alt+3 to hide it
  5. Go back to parent, move some node a little with arrow keys, save parent

i am on it. will soon push something that can be tested

Alphas now come with this behavior:

  • ~ mark patches that only come with unsaved layout changes
  • we still have * for marking patches that have more substantial changes to them
  • Alt-S will save all of these patches (* and ~), as it always has been in earlier versions
  • Ctrl-Alt-S will only save the patches that have substantial changes (*). This is what eno was asking for here: Navigating vvvv patches in large Projects
  • Root again should stay untouched.
  • Patches that aren’t flagged in the one or other way are not affected. So you shouldn’t get the “readonly” bug.

Extra thoughts:

  • We have no way of saving only layout or only substantial changes, as both are still saved in the same file. We only try to distinguish those all changed patches from those that only have unsaved layout changes.
  • Though we could discuss of having a feature, like: “Save all patches that only have layout changes (~)”. Let’s see if we really need that.
  • You can test the behavior with latest alphas. Feedback is appreciated.
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gregsn ftw! I will test it when I get to back to vvvv


Nothing, I run vvvv from the wrong folder.

Anyway where the ~ should appear? I create a patch (with c46da58f39) and save it, then resize and or move it, but no tilde. I saved it via leaf menu save all plus layout, closed the patch and reopened it to find it was where and with same layout it was after its creation and first save.

@h99. the layout info is stored in the parent patch. so please check with two nested patches.


That makes totally sense, indeed. So I just tried it, the subpatch keeps position and layout, but still no ~. Which honestly I’m pointing out just because you talked about it. From user perspective, being it marked or not, is a minor issue, IMHO.

@h99: okok. it should behave like this: if the sub patch is moved, the parent patch gets a ~. And this indicates that it will get saved when performing the right action.

Now I’ve seen it. Everything reflects your post, seems to me.

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