Sand particles falling and accumulating

Hi evvvveryone,

I am trying to do something similar to this in vvvv.

My idea first was to use a combination of :

  • a dynamic particle/physic system (Box2d or others)
  • a buffered texture

The idea would be

  • to Destroy the particle from the CPU particle Spread as soon as it doesn’t move.
  • The graphic of the particle would be added to a Buffered texture just before being deleted.

That way, you can have a trace of the stacked particles without having to consider them in the CPU anymore…

Does that make sense ?

If you have any idea or hints, please let me know.
I’ll post some tests asap :)

that sounds just about right, but how do the new particles collide with the ones already there if the physics engine does not know them anymore? you should keep the top layer somehow…

he phillipe,

i guess the demo is based on a cellular automata. i found a sourcecode for you.
i think you can do this all inside a plugin which just outputs a texture…

would be nice to see your progress…best,


and some more link i found:

i think it could also be done with a kind of texture feedback loops.