Sampling video

hi eveyrbody ! i m fighting with this subpatch. I m using it to sample a camera in live. When the Record button is hitted, texture is recorded, when its released the texture is played.

I have one little rpoblem in this patch: there is a third of textures showing up a blank quad, always in the same relativ position and relativ duration to the global recorded time. can anybody help me to debug this patch ?

thanks ;-)

resample_decembre2.v4p (30.5 kB)

don’t have the time to go into your patch.
i assume you use Queue (EX9.Texture).
try to filter “empty textures” (width/height=0) using Info (EX9.Texture).

sorry for short answer.

hi kalle, thanks for your nice help. i have tried the filtering solution, by using the levels==1 condition to insert. BUT i m stil having blank frames.

if i m not filtering, the queued result shows that blank textures have 0 px height width and 0 as level.

i m actually on this project on beta 23. Is there a wrong thing i m doing in my way of calculating frames ? ( main loop job)

ok resolved making it brand new… using lfo techinique and forgetting frames from main loop