Sample texture without stretching

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is there a possibility to not stretch the texture on the extruded vertices of the letter “R” as it is shown in the patch? It would be ideal if the texture would somehow wrap around but I think the extrusion is the problem right?

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Text_ExtrusionTest.vl (44.8 KB)

You could use a shader with triplanar texturemapping to texture the sides and back.

The extruded text only comes with planar UVs (which is one up from beta where it had none).
Check out triplanar mapping like @m4d suggested. This tutorial seems to do a good job at explaining it (don’t know about the normals though). Post your results, I bet others are also interested.

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of triplanar texture mapping! There is always something new around the corner. In terms of vvvv-gamma I would need to port that tutorial to *sdsl right? I will definitly post when I get a result out of it but first I need to get my brain ready for writing shaders in sdsl^^
Do you know about any tutorials besides whats in the stride documentation. I’ve only written a little bit of glsl so far and no hlsl at all ;)

Thanks for the help!