Same patches with filestream VLC, large difference in framerate?

I have two patches, both with the exact same nodes - three filestream vlc’s connected to one renderer. The framerate however is completely different - 61 vs jumping between 10 and 50. See images below.

The one that has the low framerate had at some point some other nodes, among them an audioIn and FFT connected to the alpha of RGB.

Trying to recreate the bug in the patch that had no additional nodes yet I notice the following happening:

creating an AudioIn + FFT, connected to the alpha-pin of the the RGB +
connect to a renderer
= Framerate going bonkers.
Deleting those nodes then doesn’t help anymore and the patch stays cursed.

Have that problem as well with the newest version of vvvv (beta 34.2_x64) and got in one of the newer alpha versions (alpha50 34.100).

I have the two patches also attached, not the videofiles but I will probably be the same with different ones (tried changing them doesn’t help)

regular framerate (28.0 kB)
going weird (32.3 kB)

hi systray27,
Opening your “going weird” patch shows that you removed the fft node but its output spread is still there, it’s visible by hovering on the Alpha1 iobox ouput pin and also by enabling “Debug Spreads” in the menu.
FFT sends out a spread of data, if you connect it as is in this case, by default it will create 256 colors, that by the power of spreading will lead to 256 quads playing the same video in place. that could be causing your performance issues.
Get single slices out of the fft data or use a “+ Value Spectral” to get one total value from the whole spread.

have fun,

Hi sapo,
Thanks for the swift reply! Sounds like the problem is there…wouldn’t have thought that a spread of 256 colors would create 256 quads. Guess I’m learning something new still about spreads every day!