Same patch different computers

hey guys, as some of you allready recogniced, I’m trying to learn vvvv. I have got a strange problem.
I’ve got three computers where I work with vvvv.

I’m doing a videoproject with three layers.

quadrat over video
text over quadrat

three computer, windows xp everywhere, the same patch

'-on the first computer the renderer shows the pictures of the webcam. also shows the quadrat over the video, but doesn’t show any text.

-on the second computer the renderer shows the quadrat and the text, but not the pictures of the webcame.

-on the third computer (where I’ve just installed windows xp) the renderer shows nothing except grey.’

another problem ist that I can’t make a “Constant” on the computer whicht if just refreshed with windwos xp.

so if anyone could help me i would be very thankfull

what graphic cards do you use? are any of the three computers older laptops?

on the third one: did you install newest directX?

on the second one: did you check your video in for the device?

btw. why do u work with v.11.1 and not 12 ?

I don’t know which graphic cards this computers use. They are not my computers (from the univerity). (maybe you can tell me where to look for them).

the one who shows the pictures but not the text is very old.
the other two computers are quite fast not as old as the other one.
but there are no laptops in use.

directX is installed on all three.
kalle what do you mean with check the video in for the device? the video in takes notice of the webcam.

I’m becoming desperate. on 20th of may I have to start a 2 week live videoinstallation at an art festival and nothing works now.

so please.

i think the text (ex9.geoemetry) has a bug… try to reselect fonttype and fontweight on the comp where text isnt working…

and no need to become separate i think this is solveable for sure… its just text on a blue quad and some video right?

v11.1 because v12 cannot be installed… don’t know why.

the computer where I want the program to run during the art festival ist the one where there is no pic from the webcam and no text and no quadrat. the renderer just shows nothing except grey.

the pic which I’ve attached shows the patch but without text (because on this computer I can’t create a “Constant”.

pic1.JPG (84.2 kB)

in a simple way its just video, quad, text.
but the text has to be changeable very quickly.

so the project is like this:
there is a camera which shows a place in vienna- this live pictures should come into vvvv and then there should be this blue quad over the live pictures. in the area of this blue quad there should be the texts.
but there should also be a clock running like HH:MM. The textes should be editable very quickly because the videoinstallation is like an infoportal where information changes hardly all the time.

it is like weatherpanorama on tv, if you know it, just with other content.
Just like in the picture I’ve attached.

cam.jpg (29.9 kB)

  • in pic1.jpg, all properties of the renderer are NIL? Not good. It 's very likely linked to your graphics card.

a few debugging basics:

  • run DXDIAG (win+r, enter “dxdiag”, ok) to find out more about your GPU and DirectX Version. Report here what you see.

  • create a renderer (TTY) and scan the output for errors, especially when the patch is opened (which is when all of the nodes are first instantiated). Report what you see.

  • Run the dreaded Windows Update to make sure you have the latest version of directX

  • Run your webcam in any other application to make sure it works

  • For graphics cards, the event horizon of vvvv-compatibility is ca. 2004-2005. Older cards will always have restrictions. Shaders are one of them.

  • you could also use Text (GDI) to create a texture with text on it instead of text (ex9 geometry). Both are very CPU intensive.

  • to speed up GDI rendering, only enable the Renderer (GDI) for a short moment, then disable it again. The content of the texture will remain, but the GDI operations are only carried out once.

Weather Panoramas? Do I know you from somewhere?

renderer shows nothing except grey.

did you check your display settings? color resolution MUST be 32bit.

BTW.: i patched a VideoIn Tutorial
check out User Tutorials.

bitte schön.