sACN for DMX over ethernet

Hi all

anyone have used sACN for communicating with eg. ETC Net3 ethernet to DMX gateway?

sACN = Streaming ACN (ANSI E1.31)


Hi ! Happy new year ! sACN is very good streaming DMX over ethernet protocol. Its more stable than artnet. But I can’t find node for vvvv. I think it will be useful.
If somebody made this node share please…

Hi! what are the diference between sACN and Artnet???

With ACN, fixtures are automatically discovered and they send an XML file to the controller containing their characteristics. It uses an RJ45 connector instead of the traditional 5pins XLR.

Never had a chance to use it but from what I’ve read it’s a pain in the *ss to implement :)

Some more informations about ACN on the Wireshark wiki :

interesting stuff. has a c# implementation

Hi, not agree with sebescudie… sACN is streaming protocol which translate DMX512 throw ethernet/ Like Artnet it is UDP protocol, but traffic is smaller and not need IP adress start from 2… , or 10… . So it works in systems , where translator and reciever has different IPs. I use it nearly 3 years in some projects in theater and as for me , its more stable then artnet and need less time to seting up.
A lot of profesional light and matrix programs and light desks supports it.
So if somebody can do the nodes for reading, analys and generate sACN, i’m sure ,it will be useful.
Full ACN is more complex and difficult.