S+H Bug


Hey people
here is a bug for famous S+H node.
with spreaded Set it still sending spread size to output
please find patch attached

S+H (bug).v4p (7.2 kB)


is it not a bug?


:((( doktor menya vse ignoriruyt


i dont see a bug. its like adding together spreads with different spreadcounts. the output spreadcount relates to the input spread with the highest count.

S+H.v4p (4.2 kB)


think this one was before one time, but i don’t think that it’s possible on same old s+h to maintain binsizes, for instance i think it should’t output something till you bang on it… guess somekind of binsized S+H might be cool


thanks u7angel and antokhio

ok, that’s not a bug itself, but i’m expect from s+h it would not change output, until Set pin = 1


That is what I am expecting too. It suxx when expectations don’t come true. :*(

might be?


thanks, antokhio! you right

proper link to the topic

nis link is not working too


try this one