I have a problem with runwayml, although I insert the runway nodes inside the Async task region, the patch is always freezing and I can’t work on it.
is there any solution for this?
the other question I have is that how can I feed a video as an image sequence to the patch below?
many thanks,

Hey @azadielshan, thanks for the report.

  • i experienced something similar this morning. vvvv (2020.3 0129) randomly froze several times for something like two minutes in the middle of doing something unrelated to the runway node. nothing would respond (shortcuts, panning in the patch), and after two minutes it would just unfreeze like nothing happened. each time this happened, the model was up in runway’s web interface. here’s a screenshot while frozen :


if that can help to track that bug, during one of the freezes, the two input pins from the ArtLine node in my screenshot (the runway model) disappeared and came back when vvvv unfroze.


  • regarding the image sequence, check the attached patch. note to myself : this should definitely be a help patch…
    RunwayImageSequence.vl (19.1 KB)
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@azadielshan sorry for the late reply. there is a new version of the vl.runwayml nuget out:

please check if this solves your problem and let us know.

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