RunwayML first steps

Hi, I’m trying to look into RunwayML. Have got an account but it seem that the link provided in Prerequisites help patch for Face-Recognition model hosting instructions doesn’t work. Have searched RunwayML site but couldn’t find anything related
Any help? Thanks

Hey @matka,

Indeed, some things have changed on Runway’s site since this patch was made. You now have to go to the ML Lab section of their site to retrieve pre-trained models.

Here are the image analysis models, which include a face detection one :

I’ll try to update this these days and post here once this is done.

Thanks for the report !

edit just checked and indeed, the link to the hosted model documentation has moved. a new nuget will be released soon with that updated help patch, but meanwhile here’s that link so that you can keep going :

Don’t hesitate to come back here if you have more questions!


Thank you

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