Runtime error 217 on Laptop

Hello there

I had no problem running vvvv (45beta29) on my desktop, however I’m having issues with laptop. Every time I try to run crack.exe I get runtime error 217 message (image attached). When I try to run vvvv with log command on, it crashes (logs attached as well).

Just for the reference, I had no problem running touch designer on very same laptop, so I think the problem is in some faulty drivers or the like.

So the question is - is there a way to find the faulty driver? because only other option would be reinstall, which is not the best solution at this time.

Thank you in advance,

64 bit vvvv log (2.1 kB)
32 bit vvvv log (2.1 kB)

hei, have you tried to unplug your “ASUS USB2.0 UVC 2M WebCam” where it seems to get stuck? or even other usb stuff that might come next…

joreg, thank you for your reply. I tried uninstalling bunch of drivers, including my Wacom tablet and midi controller ones but it did nothing…


in the end I tried disabling my antivirus software, and what do you know - it started working. So now I manually added vvvv.exe and crack.exe to trusted files and the problems are gone. It’s weird though that I didn’t receive any notifications about software being blocked (I’m using Comodo antivirus).

So in the end all is good :)