Running two or more instances of VVVV in fullscreen

Hello to all!

Has anybody been successful in putting renderer to fullscreen on two ore more instances of vvvv?

If I put one instance of vvvv in fullscreen, the renderer of the 2nd instance of vvvv goes gray…

Greetings :)

the only way of achieving that I have discovered is to make the render window the same size as full-screen and then use ctrl+8 to remove the frame of the render window.

I also found out that way, but unfortunately the loss in performance is a lot…

probably this is simply not possible with 2 directX fullscreens. can anyone test with another dx-software to go fullscreen twice?

cybear yes, but bor example, lets say that you have a render window on the 2nd monitor with control+8 and your patch on the main screen, while you have vvvv in focus on the taskbar it works fine, the fps dropdown its when you click outside the patch and the mouse its focused on another window.

My quiestion is, why do you need that set up like that ? why not 1 instance of vvvv?

you could use mainloop (vvvv)to set backgound framerate to the same as the foreground framerate. then clicking elsewhere should not slow vvvv down
@kalle suggested once to set it to 65 for more “solid” 60 fps, which I have found to work quite well

@vjc4: I want to use more instances of vvvv to gain more power and performance, because vvvv is not supporting multicore.

@sunep: I have set the background framerate the same value of the foreground fps in mainloop, but I didn’t try the 65fps… Have to try it if it makes a difference.

Anyway thank you for your answers! :)

according to this document:
Multiple-Monitor Operations (Direct3D 9)
it is officially not possible to go fullscreen twice from two different instances of vvvv (or any other dx9 application).