Run patch from CD

I am working on a little give-away CD to present some short video-clips and intend to use vvvv for it. Now, before I get tooooo involved in something that doesn’t work in the end, I’ll ask you friendly folks here:
Is it a bad idea to pack vvvv, along with some patches and videos on a CD and let somebody else run the patch from there?
The idea is to have a simple little videoplayer, probably best running in a 600x800 frameless renderer-window, that hides the patch behind it… something like this.
Some time ago I would have used MM-director for that, but that is less fun than vvvv, isn’t it?

any big “STOP” signs ahead?

Sounds interesting and funny :)

Nevertheless, there are a few hurdles to take…
I have not done it, nore tried it.

I just assume…

Some-one starting your CD should automaticly also install vvvv, but just make the vvvv.exe autostart, and edit the Args.txt file to your root patch, and that is solved. I just wonder what happennes after they played with your CD, cozz you have kind off contaminated there computer with vvvv. There are some threads here on the forum about switching between patches. This means, offcours, only people with Admin rights can run your CD.

Different approach is make a boot CD with windows and vvvv and your patches on it (not sure how to do that, nor about the copyrights)… But than you are bound to get hardware conflicts…

The hardware is also something tricky, if you are wanting to use audio-input for example… (how can you let vvvv auto decide what audio-input you need?)

But why not just grab your videos with a screengrabber, and only share you movie clips?? Or do you want to make the patches interactive with the user?

Just thinking out loud here… cozz the idea could be nice!!

yeah, I patched that little player-thing and it works fine on my system. There happens a lot of uneasy flickering on startup, though, with all that centering, resizing and frame-hiding of the renderer (it is not fullscreen, but centered in a fixed resolution). As soon as it is running it is very crispy…
Considering that CD-executables are not exactly the territory of v4, I quickly tinkered the same thing with director and some cheesy lingo poetry. Thatone is running on other systems aswell.