Run / export / start?


i am using vvvv for the first time. I donloaded a patch, which simply sends some data. So i have this .v4p patch open but how can i run it? how can i export it?

do i have to render it? but its no graphics, only data


did you have a look at the Documentation?

do you want to monitor text data? then use the Renderer (TTY) or render the Text via the GDI nodes.

as soon as a patch is open it runs. no need to export or start anything.

thats not clear to me, e.g. i am downloading this dmx patch i have the dongle attached and the led-fixture at the end.
now i open the .v4p patch in vvvv and nothing happens?
how can i print if and how data is send etc?

  • how can i print if and how data is send etc?

the data sent to the device is exactly what you can read when you move over the input pin of the RS232 node with your mouse.

to ‘see’ this data all the time connect it to WriteLn (TTY) and Renderer (TTY).

to ‘see’ this data all the time connect it to WriteLn (TTY) and Renderer (TTY).

i am trying this but the render window stays empty:

how do i connect it. Writeln -> Render tty?

please read the tutorial first:

yes i read that, it just does not work since the output seems to be ascii and i did not know from which pin to which pin the line has to be drawn.

that’s because the SpellValue node is converting it to ASCII. use the output from the Frac Node, connect to AsString and have a look at this results…

thx, do btw know how to handle this patch? i only get values for the red channel of my LED-Fixture. And i don’t quiet understand the output:

Thanks for any input?

try spreading the input node (send multiple values at once). i suppose the first one is red, second green and the third one blue.

no, it seems to be something else, because there are 7 values and no. 6 is the red channel. but all the others are something totaly different, which i don’t get?

see the screenshot:

Read ALL the tutorials? okay :) Did you also understand it??

What Fixture do you have if channel six is red? What do the other channels do?

Anyway, the module accept a spread off 512 values, and they all need to be between 0.0000 and 1.0000. I know DMX is from 0 to 255, but everything in vvvv is 0.0000 to 1.0000, so look at it as percentage. (%).

You know how to use the inspector and make a 10 sliced slider from 0.0000 to 1.0000? Best create one off those, and start sliding!!

Since you are only sending DMX, there is no need for nay renderer, because that makes no sense.

Look at Kalle modules to get some more DMX related stuff.

allright, thank you