Run 4v without directx

hi vvvvorum,

is there any chance to run vvvv without directx installed?

i have the plan running vvvv on a small computer with minimum win installation.

the aim is to use only some dmx routines - is there any chance?



hel0 grobkorn,

i am afraid not. vvvv will always need directx to start. this is not very elegant of course. still i’d say that a default xp-installation should do. i’d say directx doesn’t need to run very well on the machine, it would only need to be installed…

Sorry for the Hy-Jack off this thread, but another question, when I download the DX stuff from the german website (on downloads) I only download an installer, the installer downloads the rest.

I wonder how I can download everything so I can install vvvv on a computer that is NOT connected to the internet…

ai west, the keywords for such a download are “redistributable directx runtime”
check this

Thanks Joreg, this one is going to be stored on my ‘semi-golden-usb-stick’ :)

Any reason this is not on the Download page?

no, good point, would you put it there? hope the microsoft-link stays intact as i think the softpedia and chip links are. they are always pointing to the latest release.

I guess that most users don’t have the permissions to edit the download page. So if someone who have the permission can add this information, it’d be great not to loose it in forum depth.

Good remark on having MS and steady links…

I can’t edit the Page, was thinking of making a page that says: if the link is dead, Go to microsoft and search for “DirectX End-User Runtimes” and get the newest one…