Rudimentary Beatmatching

Hi all,

I’m trying to realize some sort of beatmatching between two tracks. After pressing play for track 2 I want it to wait till the beginning of the next 8/8 step of the running track 1 and then start playing parallel. To make it easier (for me :) lets say all tracks are having a speed of 128 BPM. So one beat has a length of 60/128 seconds. I am taking the position of the playing track and divide it through the length of 8 beats. I then try to use “Frac” with the result of the division and send a Bang everytime the “real part” is 0. But this only seems to work randomly. Another consequential problem : If the bang would work, how can I make track 2 play then? Connecting the bang to the “play”-input of track 2 would only play it for 1 frame and immediately stop again because the input falls back to 0. I really hope you can help me out here.


So, you have 2 tracks equal in speed/beat.

And when you press start for second track, it should start at a beat off the first track. meaning ON the interval off 8 * 60/128 seconds. So Song 2 must start at 3.75 * X. The X is something we calculate.

I don’t have 2 beat synced songs, but I hope you understand what I mean. A toggle, a flipflop, a monoflop… it are all ways to make 1 bang stick to 1.

SongMatch.v4p (15.5 kB)

Great thanks for your example. Although I’m still not understanding it completely, it works more accurate than my solution I figured out last night.