RS232 Sony VIACA

Evening all.

I’m after a few pointers on where to get started in controlling a pair of sony PTZ cams vire Rs232 from VVVV.

The cams im working with are the sony EVI-D70. see page 31 for the protocal.

can any one point me in the right direction towards building a control patch in vvvv for them, im only after pan/tilt/zoom/focus in this first instance



hi henny,

useful nodes here:
Ord (String) (this is a very versatile one!)
SpellValue (String)
Radix (Value) (this is a very versatile one!)
Substitute (String) .

see patch.

hennyowesmeabeer.v4p (48.4 kB)

but in any case avoid storing those strings containing “strange” ASCIIcharacters in any “open” Input Pin.
see this thread

cheers for that,
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( )O.( ')o.
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"|//\\//\\| |XXXXXXXX|“”""""`



i have a solution here. works for evi-hd1 and includes a automatic power on/zoom/pan/tilt/3 presets and restore. but the presets are a sub-perfect implemented and the whole patch is probably not as clean as possible. but it works flawlessly.

gernandt at lunatic dot de