RS232 Node

i have setup in my patch a rs232 node recieving data from my ultrasound detector.

but for me as newbie i have problems to connect the re232 node to the other modules.
how do i have to patch it when i would like to drive the transformation node with the rs232?

this very much depends on the data format the ultrasound detector is using. the rs232 basically receives text strings, you need to convert these to values to be able to do mathematical operations with.

In the simplest case you could start with S+H and AsValue or =. Decoding more complex strings usually involves Tokenizer, RegExpr or Separate

well, the output of the rs232 nodes delivers me values, but i cant connect it to the transform node, i can use the nodes you metioned, but after them there is no possibilty to connect them…

hmm. did you read Pins and Data Types?

no, will do this now.
but anyway, with the rs232 and then AsValue noodle it is runnig fine…
thanx a lot