RS232 Node - Loose data

Hi vvvv comunity,

I’m working with arduino and vvvv, I’m just tring to dispay the value of my six analog input.

So with the arduino I made a loop and each second I send this in the serial port :


123 234.etc. are the value of my analog input.

With arduino software I see correctly the “S;123;234;345;456;567;678;E” message appearing each second in the RS232 monitor.

But when I use vvvv RS232 node, my message is cut most of the time, and if I increase the baud rate (I also modify it in arduino program of course) it’s works better but it’s never perfect as in the serial monitor of arduino software.

It’s maybe a stupid question but how can I solve this problem?

Thanks you by advance for your help.

have a look at Tokenizer (String).

Thank’s you very much, I opened the help patch of Tokenizer node and the solution was here !

Thank’ again